T1 - Personal Tax Preparation

Personal Tax Accountant in Canada

We offer a professional and fast service in preparing and submitting your IRS returns – T1 returns.

While personal taxes are generally simple, and there are many free do-it-yourself resources and software available in the market and online, personal taxes are also very dynamic and you can leave money on the table by not accounting for all the credit. Taxes that may have this information available to you, or you could end up making a small mistake that could lead to a much more difficult and time-consuming process of correcting that mistake.

We know how to maximize your benefits and minimize your tax burden. Our experienced tax advisors for individuals in Toronto are highly qualified tax professionals who will analyze your tax situation and prepare your personal tax return (T1 return) accordingly.

We are at your disposal in many locations and offer personal tax filing services in Canada. You can also submit your paperwork to us online or by email and we will process your T1 statements and return them to you electronically.

• T1 – IRS Individual, Sole Proprietorship, Self Employed and Corporation

• RRSP contribution planning

• Review and analyze other prepared return

Finally, all of your tax-related questions will be answered by one of our tax advisors in ONTARIO depending on your tax situation.