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As the financial reporting standards for public companies in Canada evolve in new directions, the need for accountants to be at the forefront of this evolution has never been greater. Acme Accounting Inc. is a competitive leader. We accompany you through the uncertainties of change and risks.

The pressures and responsibilities associated with financial reporting and corporate governance of public companies in Canada have reached unprecedented levels as new standards become more complex. This includes the introduction of internationally recognized accounting standards aimed at improving the comparability and transparency of financial information for shareholders and regulators. For Canadian companies, the new standards mean better access to international capital, financing and investment opportunities.

The accountants at Acme Accounting Inc. have the experience to manage these ever-changing financial priorities. Our focus, process, and diligence is second to none. Whether implementing International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”), a unified set of global accounting standards, or advising CEOs, CFOs and other executives, we maintain our independence and strive to add value in every service we provide. .

While public company financial reporting risk management remains a major concern, at Acme Accounting Inc. you can be sure we’ll never lose sight of the drivers of your business, the risks involved, and how it may affect your finances. government accounts.

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An independent audit is essential to build confidence in the financial markets. For this reason, public companies depend on our insurance services to help them meet their risk management challenges.

Today, Acme Accounting Inc. acts as a CPA for clients across the country, listed on all Canadian stock exchanges. Clients demand and benefit from our deep knowledge and experience in the capital markets, including experience assisting with tax filings, reverse takeovers, and initial public offerings (IPOs); Handle ongoing legal and regulatory reporting issues, including preparation for annual audit and quarterly reviews; Enhancements to benchmarking and financial disclosures and compliance with ongoing disclosure requirements.

Many Acme Accountants Inc. are registered with the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB), an independent regulatory body for financial reporting by public companies. Public companies trust us to provide the expert advice they need to manage risk and meet regulatory or compliance requirements quickly and clearly.

Our established and rigorous quality control policies and systems conform to professional standards and applicable laws and regulations. The result is an effective and meaningful test. Our commitment to independence and adherence to a risk-based approach enables early disclosure of business and control concerns and helps us focus our efforts on the areas of highest risk. Ultimately, Acme Accounting Inc. benefit from the highest quality financial reports prepared in accordance with GAAP.

With offices across Canada, our audit professionals work with companies of all sizes addressing complex public company issues. Our significant investment in ongoing education, training, and dedicated tools keep partners and employees informed of regulatory changes and contribute to our success. Auditors are responsible for ensuring security. That’s what we do and we take that role very seriously. That’s why management, shareholders, audit committees and boards of directors select Acme Accounting Inc. professionals for their capital markets needs.