Age Care Business Accounting

Senior care accounting services are on the rise these days. As your family member ages, they may need help with everyday financial tasks as even simple tasks like paying household bills and balancing a checkbook become too difficult for them. . They could be there for your needs but there are times when that is not possible as you also have your own commitments so opting for a professional service can be a lifesaver here.

At Comptabilité Acme Inc. you can be sure to get help from a knowledgeable, honest and caring professional. Our dedicated experts always pay attention to the well-being of your loved ones.

  • Payment Assistance : We are always here to help you with household bills verification and payment, record keeping and budgeting to bring you a smooth experience and an orderly life.
  • Support required : Acme Accounting Inc. always strives to provide the necessary support for basic needs such as writing checks, clearing check books, and more.
  • Good money management : Our primary goal at Acme Accounting Inc. is to ensure money is received, received and deposited on time.
  • Offer a second opinion : In the event of unexpected situations and various household problems, we always offer you a second opinion so that we can relieve you of the burden of worries.
  • Financial Transactions : We efficiently manage day-to-day financial transactions such as routine maintenance, home repairs and emergency medical expenses.
  • Distributions from retirement accounts : Our experts provide you with effective support in planning distributions from retirement accounts and thus protect you from unjustified payments.
  • Inventory preparation : Our main goal is to create an inventory of private assets and capital investments.
  • Address broad issues : Our experts also deal with comprehensive questions about your social security, lifestyle, health insurance, retirement plans and long-term insurance.
  • Effective monitoring : At Acme Accounting Inc. we monitor your investment portfolio as well as many different assets held in connection with your investments.
  • Presentation of income tax : We support you in the preparation, planning and correct filing of income taxes, inheritance taxes, gifts and trust payments. 
  • Referrals : We also help with referrals to local services and agencies.
  • Preparation of tax returns :  Acme Accounting Inc. always offers its customers the necessary support for the efficient preparation of tax returns.
  • Organization and Review : We help with proper organization and review financial, personal and legal documents to make them easier to use when needed.

Why do you need a reliable accounting service provider?

Due to the effects of aging, many seniors find it difficult to properly manage their day-to-day affairs. This is the main reason why many friends and family members consider taking on the role of a caregiver who will help them in various areas. In this sense, too, we provide the necessary assistance.

Some of the important family factors that benefit from our services include:

  • Adult children are usually out of state.
  • Adult children who don’t get along.
  • Family members are aggressors or exploiters.
  • You have a disabled or drug-addicted child.

Whatever the reason, many older people and their families turn to an outside professional for this. Specifically, a trusted accounting service provider like Acme Accounting Inc. will help in the proper management of day-to-day financial matters like home health care payslips, taxes, bills, etc.

Contact us now to help your elders in case of need.