Hospitality and Restaurants Accounting Services

Restaurants, country clubs, hotels, and other hospitality businesses must overcome various challenges and adapt to regional, national, and global changes to operate a profitable business. A solid understanding of financial health is critical to business success in the highly competitive hospitality industry. Our professional hotel and restaurant accounting team helps North Carolina businesses reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase profits so they can adapt to ever-changing business environments and thrive.

Supervising staff, overseeing daily operations, regulating service quality, and maintaining guest satisfaction can make it difficult for hotel operations to maintain accurate and timely accounting. ACME ACCOUNTING INC. Hotel and restaurant bookkeeping services help you manage your finances efficiently so you can focus on running a successful and profitable business.

Hospitality companies served by us

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Restoration company
  • Independent and franchised restaurants
  • Distilleries and craft breweries
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Food and drink vending machines
  • Caterers
  • Family and private companies


The hotel accounting team at ACME ACCOUNTING INC. serves independent and franchised restaurants and retail establishments, as well as country clubs and lodging establishments ranging from hotels and motels to bed and breakfasts and resorts. These companies are very competitive and often operate on low margins. We help identify industry-specific tax savings opportunities and improvement opportunities related to pricing structure, inventory management, and market position maximization. Additionally, our Technology Services team introduces high-tech methods to help these customers stay ahead of the competition and operate more securely and efficiently.

Country clubs

Running a successful country club is tough business. Whether your club is a member-owned business or a non-private, taxable, or tax-exempt club, your club is challenged to develop a membership and service model that generates the income you need to build and maintain a highly marketable club. . Association. The hotel and catering accounting team at ACME ACCOUNTING INC. it can help country clubs develop sustainable management strategies, as well as membership and revenue models, that enable lasting success.


The restaurant accounting team at ACME ACCOUNTING INC. helps independent and franchised restaurants identify opportunities for improvement, stay ahead of the competition, and operate more efficiently. Our team provides sales tax, income tax, insurance, bookkeeping, and consulting services to restaurants throughout North Carolina and the Southeast region.


The hotel accounting team at ACME ACCOUNTING INC. helps hospitality clients navigate their ever-changing economic and financial landscape. Our team offers tax, audit, accounting and consulting services to help you understand the impact of your market challenges, optimize your revenue and profitability models, and comply with tax laws and regulations. At the national and state level.

How ACME ACCOUNTING INC. Hotel and restaurant bookkeeping services help your business grow

The professionals at ACME ACCOUNTING INC. and the Restaurant Accounting Services team have been serving clients in the hospitality industry for over 40 years. They have provided professional advice and support to a wide variety of hospitality businesses, from restaurants and hotels to distilleries and country clubs. Our professional accountants and management consultants use their extensive experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry to develop bespoke solutions to meet your unique business needs.

The hotel and restaurant accounting team at ACME ACCOUNTING INC. provides many specialized services to the North Carolina hospitality industry and businesses.

Our accounting services for hotels and restaurants

  • Tax planning, preparation and compliance
  • Compliance and Audits
  • Owner/operator services