Accounting and Bookkeeping in Newmarket, Ontario


Amortization schedules, bank reconciliations, sales tax refunds, and any other services your in-house or contract accountant can’t handle. Our professionals have the skills, education, training and support to meet the financial needs of their clients.


We use state-of-the-art cloud accounting technology to automate and modernize your accounting system. Automation saves you time and money.

Why trust someone who calls themselves an accountant to know how to use a software application when you can trust your books and financial information to a professional who has the training and skills to ensure your success?

did you know?

Most accountants have little or no formal training.

  • Most accountants charge by the hour: they have no incentive to work more efficiently
  • Most accountants cannot prepare or file your business tax returns; You have to go to another place that will cost you more money.

The success (or failure) of any business depends on the business plan; If you don’t have a business plan, how can you measure your results? How do you know if your business is meeting expectations?

All of our business plan services are available at a very low and affordable price, usually a fraction of the cost charged by others, and are recognized by ALL MAJOR BANKS!

No lender will lend money to your business without a well-developed and detailed business plan. A business plan becomes your roadmap for the future of your business. Would you drive from Calgary to San Jose without a map? So why would you try to build a successful business without a plan?

Cash forecast

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that cash is critical to the success of your business.

Without strong cash flow and liquid cash reserves, a business can quickly go out of business if the unexpected happens.

Does your business have the cash and reserves to cope with another event? Could you survive another wave and another shutdown?

Get professionally prepared cash flow forecasts and determine the profitability of your business before it’s too late.


Corporation tax

One of the most common myths in the small business world is that a CPA or large accounting firm must complete your taxes and financial statements every year. Could not be farther from the truth!

This myth can cost your business thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees each year.

At  Acme Accounting Inc, we provide our network members with the tools and training to help them improve their business. Acme Accounting Inc has the training, skills, support and infrastructure to prepare your financial reports and tax returns professionally and quickly, often at a fraction of the cost of large corporations.



It is extremely important to define the correct structure for your business before starting your business!

If you don’t get the structure right at first, it can be very difficult to make changes later and could cost you thousands of dollars a year in taxes. All of our services are available at a very low and affordable price, usually at a fraction of the cost charged by others.

 Sure, there are plenty of incorporation services you can do yourself, but do they provide advice and guidance based on your personal tax situation? Will they take the time to understand your succession plans? Will they look at tax saving strategies? Will they accommodate your family situation and future tax planning scenarios?

  • Do you have to register for GST?
  • Do you need a payroll deduction account?
  • Do you need a municipal business license?
  • Do you have to file a provincial health tax return?
  • Should you join because “your neighbor told you to”?

All these points must be considered BEFORE starting your business!


Your company’s greatest asset arrives at 9 a.m.; Unfortunately, the biggest stress in your business also walks through the door at 9:00 am. Employees are an essential part of almost every small business. However, when employees are mistreated or break the boundaries of employment rules, they can be held liable.