Healthcare Practice Consultants

Our medical office consulting services have helped more than 500 medical, medical and dental practices maximize their efficiency and profitability over the past 50 years. Combined with our tax planning expertise, Acme Accounting Inc.’s healthcare advisory team in North Carolina is uniquely positioned to help you spend more time with your patients and less time managing administrative tasks. Our recommendations can help you control your sales, increase your profitability and even improve your efficiency.

Multidisciplinary health counseling.

Our consulting services for medical practices are based on a deep understanding of your operations, coding, reimbursement, practice management systems, revenue cycle management, and staff development goals. Acme Accounting Inc.’s experienced team of professionals can provide practical advice on:

  • Case Review Training and Documentation: Accurate cases improve claims recovery and reduce denied claims.
  • Accounts Receivable Management – From cash payments to reimbursement requests, know where your money is.
  • Coordination and negotiation of managed care contracts: make sure you get a competitive price for your services.
  • Develop and implement HIPAA, OSHA and Medicare compliance plans – protect your staff and patients with industry-recognized best practices.
  • Design and streamline cash control procedures and management reports – keep your books clean and accurate.
  • Assess practice efficiency weaknesses and improve procedures: Resolve issues that prevent your practice from reaching its full potential.

North Carolina Health Consulting

Managing your practice has a direct impact on the services you provide to your patients and the experience they have at each visit. Recommendations from Acme Accounting Inc. Medical Practice Advisory Services combine industry advice with tax expertise to support your strong practice.

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