Accounting Services for Nonprofits

ACME ACCOUNTING INC. helps nonprofit and civil society organizations, educational institutions, community foundations, professional associations, and other nonprofit organizations meet complex compliance requirements, simplify their organizational structure, and refine agreements sources of financing and financing agreements.

ACME ACCOUNTING INC. Nonprofit CPAs will help you submit and approve your 501(c)(3) application to encourage more giving to your organization. In addition to nonprofit accounting services, we also offer a range of other services to help you focus on your mission and achieve your organization’s vision.

Audit services

Our nonprofit CPAs use a risk-based approach that considers your business risk, an understanding of your internal controls, and an assessment of fraud risk.

Tax services

We can help you with all aspects of the nonprofit tax preparation process, including helping your organization obtain and maintain tax-exempt status. We prepare all required tax returns for organizations that have independent business income. Our experienced nonprofit accountants use a variety of tax planning strategies to ease this burden and assist with tax return preparation and filing.

Internal controls

We can make recommendations to improve your accounting systems and procedures. When the size of an organization makes sophisticated internal controls impractical, we recommend controls that help protect the organization’s assets and provide accurate reporting.

Management consulting services

We can advise you in areas as varied as fraud detection, the choice of computer systems and management consulting. Additionally, we provide ongoing accounting services to nonprofit organizations that grow during their time with us.

Council Member Services

Your Board of Directors guides your organization and provides much-needed oversight. Creating and maintaining a board that meets the needs of your organization will help you plan the right future for your nonprofit. Our nonprofit CPAs can assist in the development of board member handbooks, policy and procedure manuals, fraud prevention policies, board hiring procedures, and agency-wide mission statements.

Other services:

  • Increased Income: Grants, donations, and other sources of funding improve your organization’s ability to continue to operate and serve its causes. By optimizing your fundraising efforts, you can increase your impact.
  • Accounting procedures and reports: You need accurate and transparent reports for your internal and external stakeholders. While full evidence may be necessary in some cases, agreed procedural mandates may provide limited scope assurance for some hearings.
  • Capital Allocation: Proper allocation of your wealth requires planning and an understanding of your goals and constraints. Some assets have temporary or permanent usage restrictions.
  • Financing Alternatives: There are many financing alternatives available to nonprofit organizations, including tax-exempt bonds, taxable bonds, loans, and direct investments from banks. Effective capital planning requires knowing what is available and how to use different structures.

 advance your cause

Do you want to maximize your organization’s resources so you can better focus on accomplishing your mission? ACME ACCOUNTING INC.’s tax preparation, auditing and accounting specialists oversee your legal financial reporting obligations and help you focus your resources on supporting the organization’s mission.

Contact us now for a free consultation with one of our nonprofit CPA specialists to learn more about our strategies for growing your nonprofit.